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Over the years we have heard wonderful stories from people about...

If it wasn't for the Willow I would have never... (met my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/best friend / gotten enagaged / gotten married / been born etc)

WILLOW DISCO COMPETITION - win a Willow Disco illustration
The best stories for the following categories will receive a Willow Disco inspired illustration

- Best ‘If it hadn’t been for the Willow I would have never…’ story
- Funniest Willow Disco memory story
- Best Willow Disco memory story

Please email your submissions to willowyork2015@gmail.com

By emailing your stories and photos you are giving your consent that the content can be used on the www.willowyork.com website. If you wish to appear anonymous or you do not want your full name to appear on the site please state this in your email.

The competition will be judged by the Fong family on 4th November 2015.
We look forward to reading your entries for the website.


Tommy Fong Willow Disco

"I would have never had a good night out in York! I had been going since I was 17, so nearly 8 years. So much has happened in that time, I have never had a bad time at the Willow. RIP xxx"
Sarah Hayes







Willow Restaurant Disco & Bar
  Willow Restaurant Disco & Bar