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We would like to say a huge thank you to those of you who have made us laugh and cry with your fantastic tributes to The Willow and Tommy Fong!



Some fantastic tips on "How to Pull in Willow" by Hannah Allies...let us know if you used any of these tips or met the love of your life at the Willow...email your stories to willowyork2015@gmail.com we would love to hear them!

Visit the following link for further tips...

willow york


We found this Prince of Bel-Air Willow tribute online but can't find the original source...if anyone knows do tell us!


Thank you Ali Woods for his brilliantly genius "Hitler Reacts to the News That Willow is Closing" video...it has given us endless tears of laughter



To End of Willow (Jonathan) for his 'The Death of Willow" song.



Thank you to Seren Metcalfe for her fantastic illustration of Tommy Fong...


tommy fong willow york

...thanks Seren, he LOVED IT!



Thank you to Alex Slingsby for sacrificing her much loved Willow vinyl, we love your personal message and we are so happy that the Willow meant much more than cheesey music, cheap shots and prawn crackers!

tommy fong willow york



A massive thank you to Lucy Carter for keeping the memory allive with her RIP Willow playlist

"I was a massive willow fan and regular so I made this playlist to keep the cheesy tunes flowing because we are gonna miss having somewhere to dance to them so much just wanted to share it with you thanks for the memories Lucy carter x x"




And to Dusk for making a very special cocktail!



Helena Horton tells us about her secret guilty pleasure..."The perfect man: Tommy Fong "


tommy fong the perfect man




And there is no better time than now to listen to the "The Playlist: Craving Coney Street"




And whilst you're listening to the playlist why not take a moment to take in these amazing raw and honest photos by Ceri Oakes. More of her work can be viewed on her website.




Let's not forget those petitions...











Willow Restaurant Disco & Bar
  Willow Restaurant Disco & Bar